In this collection, I present my artworks dedicated to the art of portrait painting. Here, you will find oil paintings on canvas that portray unique faces and emotions of individuals. Each portrait is a reflection of their personality and depth of the soul.

My love for painting portraits comes from a desire to capture the unique moments of life and convey them on canvas. Through the use of oil paints, I strive to recreate realism and emotion in each piece. My goal is to make each portrait special and capture the incomparable beauty of human nature.

If you are interested in a custom portrait, I would be delighted to create a unique artwork that reflects your individuality and character. Please feel free to reach out to me through my social media channels, and we can discuss all the details for creating a special piece of art.

Thank you for your interest in my “Portrait” collection. I hope that my artworks will bring you joy and admiration, and each portrait will provide you with a unique glimpse into the human soul.

Best regards, Tetiana

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Showing all 10 results