Lemons 🍋
Oil on Canvas
Size: 15 W x 20 H x 1 D cm


I present to you the captivating painting “Lemons,” which embodies my love for the impressionist style and vibrant citrus fruits. In this artwork, I used oil paints and a palette knife to create the interplay of light and shadow, along with textured effects that give it a sense of depth and liveliness.

By employing the palette knife, I created intriguing textures and smooth transitions between colors, imparting a feeling of movement and energy to the painting. My aim was not only to convey visual impact but also the emotions evoked by the vibrant and refreshing nature of lemons.

Following an impressionistic approach, I blended different hues to create optical mixtures and light effects. I wanted to capture the atmosphere of a bright sunny day, where lemons sparkle with vivid shades and fill the space with their aroma. My goal was to allow the viewer to experience the joy and vitality that these fruits bring.

The painting “Lemons” not only adds beauty to your interior but also transports you to a world of brightness and emotions. It will serve as a perfect focal point for any room, infusing a sense of freshness and cheerfulness into your life. You will be able to enjoy my artwork and feel the enchantment that permeates each of my creations.

Lemons 🍋

Oil on Canvas

Size: 15 W x 20 H x 1 D cm

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Weight0,3 kg
Dimensions15 × 20 × 1 cm
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Blue, orange, Yellow


15 х 20 cm


Oil on canvas on stretcher